Lil' Lumberjack Pancake Smash Cake Session - J's 1 Year

Who says smash cakes have to be cake? During the inspiration/planning portion of J's 1 Year Session, we found this adorable backdrop with a cake made to look like pancakes. When I talked to J's mama about it she shared that J actually loves real pancakes. We decided it could be fun to put a twist on the smash cake tradition and load up some pancakes with some whip cream for a similar effect.

J made the cutest little lumberjack in his plaid shirt and suspenders. Already on the move, we thankfully scheduled his session before he started walking! For the smash cake portion we let him get a little more comfortable and changed from his nice dress shirt and pants to a staple in any little boy closet, denim overalls. 😍 He found some nearby toy tools to relieve his gums from those teeth coming in and then we were on to the pancakes. He wasn't sold on the whip cream at first but eventually warmed up to the idea. Excited to get to watch you grow, J!