Art Studio Session | Tween B

One of the reasons I got into photography so many years ago was this girl. Like everyone else our life gets crazy and I don't always make time to plan a photo session for my own kids. That whole the cobbler's children have no shoes kids have shoes...and photos but most times the photos of them are in pjs or play clothes with no shoes. This year I wanted to be more intentional about taking photos of my own kids. I decided to schedule session time near their birthdays to make it easy to remember. Surprisingly, when I put it in the calendar it actually gets done!

My beautiful daughter is no longer a little girl but moving into double digits and her tween years. I wanted her wardrobe to reflect that not really a kid but also not really a teenager time, as well as be totally her. When I saw this backdrop, I knew it was perfect for B. She is so thoughtful and creative. She loves to write, draw, craft, paint, sing, play guitar and piano. I love seeing all she comes up with. She's got such a bright future and I know God has big plans for her.

Backdrop: Art Studio from Baby Dream Backdrops

Clothing & shoes: Target Cat & Jack

Headband: I have no idea...mine from years ago...Claire's circa 2000?